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By Lotus Modular   •   March 26th, 2019

expandable prefab house

LOTUSexpandable house is specially designed in 2009.One of our Australian customers wanted a small house for family living.He told us that the labor cost in Australia was very high,and he had no experience in installing buildings.So we designed this house specially for him.


Layout 2 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 or 3 Bedroom 3 Bedroom
Building Area 37m² 58m² 77m² 128m²
Size 5900*6400*2520mm 5900*10540*4440mm 11800*6400*2520mm 11460*10540*4440mm
Packing Size 5910*2200*2520mm 5900*2200*2500mm 11800*2200*2520mm 11820*2200*2500mm
Loading 2 UNIT/40’HQ,40’OT 1 UNIT/40’HQ,40’OT 1 UNIT/40’HQ,40’OT 1 UNIT/40’HQ,40’OT
  • Use spring support,more easy for installation

  • The bathroom facilities are installed before shipment

  • The floor should be installed on spot.We will provide the floor,skirting and accessories

  • The toilet,paper holder,shower,sink,mirror,towel rack are all installed in our factory. Customers only need to connect supply and drainage pipes locally.

  • The kitchen is open,and we can customize the kitchen cabinets,.We can also provide range hood, oven, dishwasher and such electrical appliances

  • Enough area in living room to put down a table, sofa and tea table

expandable house

Lotus Expandable House With Veranda

When your lovely kids fighting for a space in their narrow room,wouldn’t you desire a home with such big balcony?

When you set out to prepare a sweet and cozy party with your good friends at home,you will never worry about the place because you have Bigger than Bigger.

When weekends come and you just wanna to stay at home for yourself,reading some book you really love with a cup of tea or coffee,taking care of your flowers in the sunshine…You couldn’t imagine how bravo life could be.

If you worry about the rainy days,we’ve already prepare this for you ahead.The slope is designed with 30 degrees angle and with down-pipe each corner.Besides,the water-proof floor is provided for your balcony space.And it is also OK to add some clear sheds on the fence.

If you worry about the transportation,never mind,we just fold the balcony into small pieces to ship them together with your house container.

So what are you worried about?Bigger than Bigger makes your living space twice than before.And the price is high cost-effective.Bigger than Bigger,you deserve it.Let it become the beginning of your dream.

Packing and Shipment

Before shipment,we fix the cupboard, and other accessories with wooden flooring support.We can also provide other packing ways, but we will charge extra packing fees. Please contact our sales in details.

Before loading,our sales persons check carefully about the details for the products,packing and packing list.And we take the pictures for all the items and package.We offer the extra painting to make up the house if the painting broken a little during the loading and unloading. But we could not promise the safety of the container during the shipment.For CIF price,contact the insurance company soon if you find anything broken while

If you do not buy the insurance,we will send you the new items for those broken ones in the next order.


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