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The EPC project of Saudi Aramco’s heavy oil pipeline is located in the desert uninhabited area in the west of Saudi Eastern Province and east of Riyadh Province. The main pipe diameter is 48 inches and the length of the line is 164 kilometers. The project owner is Saudi Arabian Oil Company.

The project has no third-party supervision, and the process control is jointly participated by the Saudi Aramco Project Management Team (SAPMT) and the Aramco Quality Supervision Department (SAPID). The project consists of the Saudi National Branch (CPP) of the International Business Department of China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. and the owner after signing a contract with the fourth branch of the Pipeline Bureau of the First Division of the Management Bureau to form a joint EPC project department.

The Saudi heavy oil pipeline extends from the Zuema tank area to the upstream West-East Pumping Station. After completion, it will merge into the Saudi Aramco West-East Gas Pipeline Corridor. The project mainly includes the design, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and operation of a land pipeline project with a diameter of 48 inches and a length of 164 kilometers.

The project construction includes 1 Zuema tank farm tee, 5 valve chambers, and fire connection. The first one, the jacking pipe crosses 6 highways, railways, etc., and the large excavation crosses more than 60 underground pipes and optical cables, as well as related supporting optical fiber cables, communication systems, and leak detection systems.

The project is an EPC general contracting project, contract The amount is about 100 million U.S. dollars. The project kicked off on November 4, 2017, with a construction period of 37 months.

Saudi Aramco’s Heavy Oil Pipeline Camp

Workforce Camp

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Labor Camp

The TCF camp of the Saudi Aramco Heavy Oil Pipeline EPC Project is located 120 kilometers southwest of Dammam City, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, 4 kilometers north of Highway No. 40 in the deep desert, covering an area of ​​about 80,000 square meters. The camp is divided into four functional areas: accommodation area, office area, public facilities, and prefabrication factory. There are 5 offices, 106 camp dormitories, 3 canteens, 2 multi-functional tents, 5 warehouses, infirmary, recreation room, There is one functional building such as a gymnasium, which can meet the needs of 192 people for accommodation and 160 people for daily office and entertainment in Saudi Aramco and CPP.

The camp is located in a desert uninhabited area, where natural disasters such as drought, sun exposure, and sandstorms occur frequently. Windshields and sand-proof nets are installed on the surrounding walls of the camp. All buildings are 1-story bungalows, which can withstand strong winds of 15 degrees. All roads in the camp area are two-way single-lane asphalt roads to meet the needs of fire fighting and emergency evacuation. The camp area is equipped with a complete fire protection system. Each building is equipped with smoke alarms. Two horizontal fire pumps and seven 100 cubic meters of fire water tanks realize no dead spots in the camp area.

The local security situation in Saudi Arabia is tense. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, the camp is located far away from the city and has little contact with the outside world. The camp is equipped with a video surveillance system. The local security company Elaien Elsahera for Security is hired to take charge of the security work of the camp. The camp is located in the depths of the desert and lacks water resources. The water source of the camp comes from two 200-meter-deep wells. In order to save water resources, the camp is equipped with a reclaimed water treatment system to purify wastewater into reclaimed water for greening, car washing, cleaning and sanitary use, there are more than ten species of bougainvillea, oleander, oak and more than 2,000 plants planted in the camp, forming a scene of no grass outside the wall and shady trees inside the wall, which not only creates a beautiful and comfortable environment for employees, and it attracted a lot of birds.

Planning & Designing: 20 days
Production: 60 days
Transportion: 25 days
Assemble: 30 days

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