What can you do within 10 days? In china,we can build a 1000-beds hospital by prefab structure house!

Lotus Modular   •   Feb 10th, 2020

modular hospital

After 10 day&night fighting

Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital

Is successfully turned to the military on February 2nd, 2020

110 second time-lapse aerial video

Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital’s construction is a heavy task, request for a short construction time, so the prefab structure house is adopted. From the partial plan of Huoshenshan Hospital, it can be seen that the entire building is composed of several 6m * 3m modules. Through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions, different functional zones such as patient room, bathrooms, buffer rooms, patient corridors, medical corridors, etc. have been formed, basically solved the problems of streamlines and zoning in infectious disease hospitals.

Take a look at the “Huoshen” construction speed!

Hundreds of excavators arrived at the site,start land leveling

Huoshenshan Hospital Officially Started

Complete the basic diagram of 6 nursing units and the general drawing of electrical&plumbing

Ground leveling complete

Lifting and construction of the first batch prefab flat-pack houses

Double-storey patient area steel structure begins

More than 300 prefab flat-pack house room structures completed

MEP layout operations started

HDPE membrane laying is fully completed, and the equipment of the sewage treatment room is installed simultaneously

90% of flat-packs’ connection and installation have been finished

K house structure installation 3000 square meters completed

Fully launched the installation of medical supporting equipment

Huoshenshan Hospital officially turned to the army medical workers

delivery signature

Such amazing construction speed

From the perspective of space

What kind of scene will it be?

Let’s take a look ↓↓

location site

Location of Huoshenshan Hospital

location site 29th,Oct

Location of Huoshenshan Hospital (under construction, taken on Oct 29th, 2019 by high-resolution No. 2 satellite)

location site 30th,Jan

Huoshenshan Hospital (under construction, taken on Jan 30th, 20 by high-resolution No. 2 satellite)

location site 31st,Jan

Huoshenshan Hospital (under construction, taken on Jan 31st, 2020 by high-resolution No. 2 satellite)

location site

Race against time for life!

Going on!

Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, built by the China Construction Third Bureau, is located in Wuhan Sanatorium in Caidian District. It is mainly used to receive and treat patients with new type of coronavirus infection. The project covers an area of about 50,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 33,900 square meters, and a total number of 1,000 beds.

Huoshenshan hospital uses more advanced technology and higher protection isolation standards than existing infectious disease hospitals. There are consultation rooms, negative pressure patient buildings, intensive care units, CT rooms, operating rooms, inspection rooms, network patient room, garbage room, temporary storage rooms, ambulance washrooms, etc. Complete functions, and the adoption of the most advanced medical equipment in China, to provide patients and hospital staff with a safer and more reliable diagnosis and treatment environment.

At the same time, the construction of Leishenshan Hospital is proceeding in an orderly manner.

As of 12:00 noon on January 31, the overall construction progress of the Leishenshan Hospital project was 55% complete. 50% of the isolation patient area is completed, site leveling, trench excavation, trench pipeline pre-buried, PE film construction in non-trenched area, trench backfill, concrete pouring at the bottom of the sewage treatment station have been completed, and 90% of the main pipe surface layer has been poured 60% of the PE film in the trench area is completed, 85% of the strip foundation construction is completed, and 60% of the foundation slab pouring of the medical technology building is completed. A total of 2149 flat-packs have been delivered, 130 of them have been lifted&installed on site, and pipeline installation in the room has been completed. 75% of the living area of the medical staff is completed (the main structure of A1-A7 is basically completed, and the indoor pipeline installation has been completed, and the model room waterproof treatment of A1 has been completed)

Let ’s look at it from the perspective of the builder,see how prefab buildings create a miracle

Before full construction, the ground of the construction site with a maximum height difference of nearly 10 meters must be leveled. Existing buildings need to be demolished, as well as a lot of dredging work and fish pond backfill tasks. However, the entire project was built near the water, and there was only one main road around leading to the construction site. There was a huge pressure on material transportation, and the coordination of gas and high-pressure relocation was large.

site condition

On the morning of January 24th, the China Construction Third Bureau established the Wuhan Municipal Anti-pneumonia Emergency Project Construction Leading Group, and the command center was formally formed. On the same day, 95 excavators, 33 bulldozers, 5 rollers, 160 dump trucks, 160 managers and 240 workers were assembled, and a reserve team of 2,000 workers was formed. On New Year’s Eve, machines roared and people clamored on the project site, small earth hills were leveled up overnight one by one.

On the construction site, there are more than 4,000 workers and nearly a thousand large mechanical equipment and transport vehicles on the project every day. The shift works 24 hours a day. It is the Spring Festival holiday, many workers have returned home for the New Year. How can they mobilize so many workers in a short time?

working labor

On the night of January 23, the China Construction Third Bureau quickly mobilized more than 1,400 workers in the five construction project sites that are working overtime in Wuhan, so that work such as site leveling can begin quickly. At the same time, the China Construction Third Bureau also released “hero posts” and quickly convened workers through subcontracting companies. Fu jian ping, the general manager of Hubei Hanyu Labor Service Co., Ltd. said that after receiving the notice on the evening of January 23, he took a bus on early morning of 24th straight to Enshi, along the way to Yichang, Jingmen, Jingzhou, Xiantao and other places to pick up the workers; at the same time, he mobilized rural workers around Wuhan to come together.

There is a huge demand for on-site materials (the demand for flat-pack houses is 1,650, the doors of various types are 1,500 pcs, the demand for concrete is 14,000 cubic meters, and the demand for HDPE film is 100,000 square meters). During the Spring Festival temporary stocking, the models will also be uneven.

material demand

The China Construction Third Bureau insists on systematic coordination, and urgently selects technical backbones with rich medical building experience, and sends them directly to Wuhan Fire Inspection Center, Municipal Disease Control Center, and all participating construction units to design drawings together. The material procurement team will promptly feedback the existing materials and equipment that can be purchased to the design institute, and make targeted drawings based on the existing materials and equipment. Entering the construction site, although there are differences in the specifications and models of the board houses produced by the manufacturers, the China Construction Third Bureau has deepened the design of the “accurate positioning” of the containers, and effectively assembled the materials of different manufacturers together scientifically.

Led by the China Construction Third Bureau, it cooperated with many units such as Wuhan Municipal Government to participate, and there were hundreds of professional subcontracting units. The entire Vulcan Mountain construction site has tight schedules, heavy tasks, limited personnel and materials, and many participating units. How can they work together? Combat effect of 1 + 1 > 2?

site coordination

Efficient joint action warfare of all units is the top priority. The Third Construction Bureau of China Construction quickly established an organization system. A three-level command and operation system was set up on the site of Wuhan Urban Construction Bureau, China Construction Three Bureau, and subcontracting units. The participating units are seamlessly connected, the municipal supporting units are available around the clock, and the high-voltage lines and gas pipelines are relocated in only one day, ensuring the efficient progress of the construction period. At this 70,000 square meter construction site, the management staff is from 160 to nearly 1,000, the labor workers are from 240 to 4,200, and the large-scale machinery and equipment are from 300 to nearly 1,000. The on-site operation is implemented in a two-shift system. 24 hours non-stop construction.

Nearly 1,000 management personnel and more than 4,000 workers rush to work 24 hours a day. However, the epidemic is right next to you. How to protect yourself from epidemic disease?

security and epidemic prevention

The participating units of the three bureaus have put on-site epidemic prevention and control as the top priority. Set up a safety and epidemic prevention management team, divided into two safety teams to work in tandem with the on-site construction, and monitor safety 24 hours a day. The project established a “5 + 3 + 8” model to carry out epidemic prevention work. “5” means setting 5 fixed infrared thermometers in the office area and workers’ living area, and “3” means setting 3 mobile temperature measuring points at the construction site. “8” means that 8 management personnel carry a temperature inspection site to take temperature measurements to ensure that all operators monitor the body temperature no less than 4 times a day. Since the start of the Vulcan Mountain project, there have been no safety accidents at the construction site, and no epidemic situation has occurred among the participating staff.

Huoshanshan Hospital will focus on treating patients to reduce the spread of the epidemic. In the hospital, how to protect medical staff and prevent cross infection?

infection control

The hospital takes the principle of “clean pollution diversion, doctor and patient diversion, person diversion” as the principle, and adopts a strict “three zones and two channels” design. Medical staff arranges the work area according to the work process of “clean area-semi-polluted area-polluted area”. Every time you enter the first-level area, the medical channel is completely separated from the patient channel. In the ward of the isolation ward, there is a transfer cabin composed of two layers of glass and an ultraviolet system. Patients’ meals and medicines are passed in from this transfer cabin. The ultraviolet system in the transfer cabin is sterilized to avoid infection. There are two beds in each ward, and there is an independent bathroom in the room. Under multiple protection, it provides a safe and reliable working environment for medical workers.

As the premier respiratory infectious disease hospital in China, it was built in such a short period of time and is close to the Zhiyin Lake. How can we avoid environmental pollution during construction and can it meet environmental protection standards after completion?

pollution control

During the construction process, the Third Bureau of China Construction Engineering used “two cloths and one membrane” to solve the problem of construction pollution. The hospital laid a high-performance anti-seepage membrane of 50,000 square meters to prevent sewage and waste from seeping through. The hospital’s pipe network is fully enclosed, and rainwater and sewage treatment systems are set up. After two chlorine gas disinfection treatments, the pipe can be discharged into the municipal pipe network after reaching the standard to ensure that it will not pollute the surrounding environment and surrounding lakes. Each ward is equipped with a non-circulating fresh air system and an exhaust air system, which together form a negative pressure system to keep the air in the ward fresh and clean. The exhaust gas will be discharged into the air after disinfection. Waste incinerator, solid waste incineration, to ensure no environmental pollution.


The battle will end and victory will come!

The construction time of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital is short and the construction task is heavy, and they all benefit from modular building. Modular building is a kind of assembled building with a very high assembly rate. The advantage of fast-construction-time has been brought into full play!

Therefore, we can proudly say: Proof of delivery of Huoshenshan Hospital: Prefabricated building = Fastspeed + Superspeed = Huoshenshan Hospital!

Finally, let ’s take a look at the Huoshenshan Hospital after its completion:

Each patient room of Huoshenshan Hospital is equipped with two dedicated beds. There is a separate small window in the room, and a glass window, convenient for medical staff to get things. The air-conditioning, ventilation facilities and disinfection equipment in the patient room were all installed in place. The patient room is also equipped with a separate built-in toilet, including washbasin, water heater, shower and other facilities.