Why Use Modular Building Product

Lotus Modular   •   Nov 29th, 2019

why lotus moduar
What is Modular
less vehicle movements
faster than traditional build
less construction waste

The basic difference between modular building and traditional building lies in the method of completing the building. In case of the first technique, there are two stages of works – prefabrication of the structure at an off-site facility followed by assembly on the target location later on. In addition, in case of Lotus modular structures, the degree of prefabrication, before the delivery to the location, reaches the level of at 70%. The only works that take place in the field are incorporation of the structure into the underground infrastructure, joining particular modules together and finishing works. Such process of investment completion – in comparison with traditional building – becomes reduced to at least 40% of the time!

  • Bulit in factory

  • Transported to site

  • As many modules as you need are added, side-by-side or end-to-end

  • Additional storeys craned into place

  • Interiors and extriors designed to meet customer needs

Lotus modualr advantages
lotus modular construction